5 Reasons why you must not miss this opportunity

01. Affordable

Course duration is up from 3 days to 2 months (8 weeks); but still the fees drop from Rs75,000 to 35,000 [actually, Rs20,000 only, if you avail the Inaugural Course Early Bird discount of Rs15,000 by booking your seat right away]

Difficult to believe? But there is a reason.

The price for this course, when it was being conducted in-person, was always Rs 75,000/-. But then, that was because it was conducted over straight 3 days in luxury ambiance, in a 4 or 5 star hotel, and the cost also included other facilities, including lunch & beverages at those luxury venues.


This newly designed course, being conducted online, is much more elaborate and in-depth than the earlier course: it is spread over 2 months (two sessions per week for 8 weeks). But since you will be learning online, from the comfort of your home, all those savings have been passed on to you.

02. Easy to learn, easy to understand

No mathematical background required--Learn the winning methods simply through the race videos!

This newly designed course is as easy as breathing, and there is a reason. When we analyzed the data of our past students, we found that despite the benefits they got from Dynamic Handicapping insights, many of our students found it difficult to devote time to maintain the data in the mathematical format required to produce Dynamic Ratings (DyR) for horses, and relapsed into their old losing methods as a consequence.


Therefore, for this newly designed course, Prakash Gosavi has nearly done away with the need for math, formulae and all the tedious workload it demanded. 


How? He has creatively combined the insights of both DyR & FINOO research, and simplified the whole process even for someone who is not interested in using math in handicapping horses, and can start using each winning method immediately without wasting any time.


The sessions are comfortably paced (only 2 sessions per week), so that even the absolute beginners, with no knowledge about the intricacies of this game, will be able to grasp and apply the learnings comfortably thanks to the leisurely pace.

03. Time-tested methods

From Rs 1k to 108k to over 1 million!


Prakash Gosavi's contrarian concepts and unique winning methods have come a long way from the time he put them to public testing in December 2011 when he was contracted to write a tipping column at the official RWITC website.

Logging in consistent profits for straight five seasons of the column's existence, a simple bet of Rs1,000 (from a capital of Rs10k) generated Rs108,000 profit from 380 recommended bets. More amazing was the fact that the money-management algorithm, devised by Gosavi himself, would have theoretically taken this profit to over one million rupees (check this link). 

The body of Dynamic Handicapping & FINOO research has come a long way since then, adding more winner-picking tools based on further research which will be taught during the two-month course.

04. Revolutionary research technique

NEW technique: Window to the "FUTURE"

One of the most original and revolutionary techniques developed by Prakash Gosavi, which can rightly be called the bedrock of all his advanced research in the last couple of years, is this unique concept which takes the same data that everyone has access to and converts it into a unique format that offers a "window to the future!"


The clarity this technique offers, under certain circumstances, needs to be experienced to be believed.

05. Full season follow-up

Hand-holding continues beyond the classes; through the entire Pune 2021 season.

This course is not designed to leave you on your own after the classes are over. Because we will also be training you in how to design your own private winning methods (remember, there are many ways to skin a cat once you break its spine!)

We want you to get into the groove when you face your first serious racing season after you absorb all the knowledge. So the hand-holding will continue during the Pune 2021 season between July & October 2021.


Each race day of the entire Pune season 2021, data files will be shared, signals leading to probable bets will be highlighted--and most important--each participant's performance sheet will be closely scrutinized to help them further hone their skill.